An uncomfortably dry mouth can be a side effect of some medications

Try: #saliva substitute mouth moisturizer and alcohol-free mouth rinse can be found over-the-counter in most pharmacies #use the mouth rinse twice daily for about 30 seconds following routine morning and evening brushing and flossing do not use mouth rinse products that contain alcohol as alcohol will dry the mouth even more #mouth moisturizers and saliva substitutes can be applied as needed throughout the day most mouth moisturizers are in liquid form and a few drops placed on the tongue will refresh the mouth for denture wearers a saliva substitute can be applied directly onto the dentures before they are put in the mouth #chewing sugarless gum will stimulate production of saliva and neutralize acids this will help moisten the mouth and protect the teeth from decay keep in mind that sugar-free products made with some replacement products must be taken sparingly as too much of some substitute products such as sorbitol can cause significant gas and diarrhea #avoid hard candy and mints with sugar as they are generally not good solutions to dry mouth and can cause other complications #keep the mouth moist not only for comfort a normally moist mouth helps the prevention of infections and diseases

Materials: Saliva substitute toothpaste and dental floss mouth moisturizer mouth rinses with no alcohol content sugarless gum

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