It is easy and potentially life-threatening for Care recipient (cr) to become overheated

Try: Offer the cr drinks every couple of hours throughout the day avoid caffeinated and alcoholic drinks plan outside activities for the cooler parts of the day early morning and dusk and indoor activities during the hotter parts of the day encourage the cr to wear a hat and carry water when out during hotter parts of the day encourage the cr to dress for comfort inside the home on hot days wear light-colored loose-fitting clothing natural fibers such as cotton and silk are generally more comfortable than synthetics such as polyester on hot days cook early in the morning to avoid adding heat to the home when the day is hot prepare more frequent lighter and smaller meals if a cr blames the heat for a lack of appetite if the cr does not have air conditioning offer a cool damp towel for the cr’s neck or head go someplace air-conditioned if necessary such as a library indoor mall or movie theater when it it’s very hot sometimes a lukewarm but not cold bath or shower can be refreshing keep windows opened at night if safe to capture cool air but keep shades or curtains closed during the day if you are worried about the cr’s long term safety because of health and overheating in the house contact the city or local senior services centers to find out about programs that assist seniors to obtain fans or air conditioners if you suspect the cr has become overheated contact a doctor or emergency service for instructions as dehydration can be life-threatening

Materials: Fluids fan or air conditioner

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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