Exercise is beneficial for most care recipients cr the following are tips for helping the cr keep active and get the most out of exercise

Try: Have the cr keep active on the go choose stairs over the elevator park at the far end of the parking lot when arriving at appointments walk down every isle of the grocery store while shopping practice balancing skills while standing do neck rolls while waiting at a stoplight if the cr doesn’t get out much try exercises at home try wall pushups while waiting for water to boil vigorously vacuum tend to the garden sweep the sidewalk rake leaves lift weights while watching the news try toe-raises while talking on the phone or do knee bends after sitting for a long period of time suggest simple tasks such as house cleaning gardening shopping and errands simply doing just 15 to 20 minutes of heart-healthy cardio each day such as walking biking swimming or water aerobics will help improve stamina have the cr do common activities such as lifting grandchildren carrying groceries or household chores building muscle mass a few times each week through weight lifting resistance exercises and nautilus machines will help improve strength incorporating basic stretching, even while seated, to the cr’s fitness routine will make the most ordinary movements easier tie shoes get up and out of a chair or walking to turn the television channel can help

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