Exercise for the Care recipient (cr) can have many benefits even if the cr is weak or chair bound certain exercises can still be beneficial to the cr

Try: Strength use free weights otherwise known as dumbbells to do repetitive sets of lifting don’t have weights use anything that is weighted and fits in your hand like soup cans these can be done in a seated position resistance it may be best to have the cr start with resistance bands they can be attached to furniture a doorknob or a chair use these for pull-downs shoulder rotations and arm and leg-extensions flexibility by practicing mindful breathing and slowly stretching bending and twisting you can limber up and improve your range of motion most of these exercises can also be done lying down or seated endurance many facilities offer pool-therapy programs designed for wheelchair bound crs if there is no access to special machines or pools repetitive movements like rapid leg lifts or sitting pushups work just as well to raise your heart rate speak with the crs physical therapist about other possibilities note consult the cr’s physician before starting a series exercise program

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