Due to stiffness or back pain Care recipient (cr) has difficulty changing position in bed from flat on back to sitting up thoughtful movement and very gentle assistance may be all that is needed for some cr cr’s to move more easily

Try: #be sure that the cr is close to the side of the bed but not so close that he or she could roll off the side of the bed when rolling on the side #have the cr bend both knees so that the feet are flat on the bed #with both knees bent and touching each other roll knees hips and shoulders toward the side of the bed from which the cr wants to rise roll like a log with shoulders hips and knees moving at the same time the caregiver may need to assist with a hand at the cr cr’s knees and back to help the cr roll #keep knees bent #once the cr is lying fully on one side he or she should begin rising using the shoulder nearest the bed and the opposite hand to lift his or her body from the bed sideways to a sitting position as the back lifts up legs are swung over the edge of the bed so that the feet reach the floor this movement allows the feet to contact the floor at the same time the cr achieves full upright sitting #if the cr cannot complete the last step alone give the cr gentle support at the lower shoulder and help to push down gently on the leading hip to rock the cr upright the caregiver caregiver’s hands can move to the cr cr’s upper arm as it pushes off the bed and just above the cr cr’s hip at about the level of the navel to bring the hip down flat on the bed #the caregiver should risk self-injury by straining to help let the cr do as much as possible without help use only minimal pressure when assisting if much more assistance is needed do not use this technique #give the cr time to sit for as long as it takes to adjust to the new position before standing

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