Care recipient (cr) has some mobility but is having trouble standing

Try: #have the cr sit in one chair as straight up as possible #place the second chair in front of the cr #assist the cr in lifting one leg so the heel is well supported on the chair in front of the cr #instruct the cr to straighten the knee on the elevated leg expect this to cause some stretching in back of the knee and thigh #when the knee is as straight as possible give instruction to bend the ankle up as far as possible toes coming up toward the cr this should cause stretching in calf muscle and behind knee encourage the cr to try to hold this position for 5 seconds count 1-1000 2-1000 3-1000 4-1000 and then relax and try again for 20 repetitions #help the cr bring the first leg down expect some discomfort when going from fully straightened to bent #elevate the other leg up onto the chair #repeat the exercise 20 times with the second leg #most cr cr’s will have discomfort when doing this exercise especially if they spend the greater part of their day sitting #a cr may need to start out stretching for fewer than 5 seconds and 20 repetitions #can start at lower heights to build flexibility

Materials: Two straight-back chairs of equal height

Categories: Medical Physical, Personal, Needs Some Assistance, Needs Much Assistance, Some Supervision

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