Drowsiness is sometimes experienced in some care recipients cr the following are tips for reducing drowsiness by improving the cr’s sleep quality

Try: Staying active doing intellectual tasks and exercising regularly are at the top of ways to combat sleep problems if possible a moderate level of exercise and going outdoors during daytime are suggested crs also need to watch what they eat and drink consuming foods and drinks that contain caffeine – such as coffee tea chocolate and sodas – in the evening can interfere with nighttime sleep look into the cr’s bedroom for sleep issues make sure the mattress is suitable also make sure the cr has a quiet and dark sleep environment if the bedroom and the mattress seem okay maybe the problem is not the sleep environment but the bed partner crs who share a bed with partners who are restless snore or have an illness are likely to be sleep-deprived it may be costly but a separate bed can help if the sleep partner is the issue sticking to a regular sleep schedule can keep the timing right and improve overall sleep the cr should get up and go to bed at the same time each day

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