Dizziness upon standing may be caused by a number of things investigate the possible causes and prevent episodes as much as possible

Try: #dizziness may be caused by many things including dehydration low blood pressure low blood sugar sinus infection medication interactions and more #to prevent dizziness drink water and stay hydrated monitor blood pressure and sugar levels as directed and keep in touch with doctors and pharmacists about side effects caused by new medications or changes in doses of medication #sometimes medication interactions that cause dizziness can be avoided by making sure the drugs are taken are at different times to limit their interaction talk to the primary care doctor about the possibility of changing the medication schedule #move slowly when changing position from lying down to sitting or standing or from sitting to standing keep this in mind even when rising from the toilet #after standing stay still for a few seconds before beginning to walk sit back down if dizziness occurs #if dizziness is unusual or happens repeatedly contact a doctor

Materials: Water doctor medication as needed careful movement

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