Dehydration can often occur within a few hours and be life-threatening

Try: Keep a variety of the care recipient’s cr’s favorite drinks on hand ask about or observe changes in the cr’s p

Materials: Alternatives to glassware variety of beverages

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References: Find no-sugar caffeine-free or non-alcoholic versions of drinks to replace favorites that interfere with health or medication offer a beverage every two to three hours during the day use cups the cr can safely and easily handle instead of glassware use heavy plastic or stemless wineglasses mugs with handles and attractive plastic cups make drinks attractive to the cr by serving them nicely if the cr has lost some sense of smell or taste consider adding lemon slices to water or serving something that has a stronger smell root beer for example or a vivid color such as a non-alcoholic daiquiri information references

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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