Diabetes causes risk of poor circulation skin breakdown and non-healing sores in the feet

Try: Never go barefoot even in the house always wear shoes and socks cotton and wool socks absorb sweat and pull it away from the skin shake pebbles or small particles out of shoes before putting them on don’t keep money in shoes wear shoes with extra depth at the toe to prevent any rubbing buy shoes later in the day when feet tend to have swollen check feet daily for cuts blisters sores cuticle damage or ingrown toenails consult your doctor or podiatrist as soon as possible if any of these are visible be careful when trimming toenails and have a podiatrist clip nails if eyesight or flexibility is limited put lotion on feet and ankles daily giving special care to heels where cracking is common

Materials: Shoes that fit well and offer good support and cushioning cotton and wool socks alcohol-free lotion podiatrist if needed

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