Constipation can cause serious health risks use nutrition and exercise to prevent complications

Try: Try controlling constipation through diet and exercise before using laxatives as using laxatives can be habit-forming and overuse of them can weaken bowel muscles drink plenty of water throughout the day avoid caffeinated drinks as caffeine promotes dehydration drink four to eight ounces of prune juice daily prune juice works best if warmed if possible eat raw fruits and vegetables focusing on those high in fiber such as pears apples grapefruit broccoli cabbage and cauliflower make fruit compote with equal parts of canned prunes pears and peaches cut into small pieces pour some of the fruit juice over the fruit and serve the dish slightly warm or chilled exercise daily and frequently schedule a regular time to use the bathroom each day while sitting on the toilet bend forward slowly from the waist and bring arms toward the floor while taking slow even breaths do not do this exercise if you have neck problems high or low blood pressure or dizziness avoid foods that may be binding such as cheese make note of other foods that cause constipation and limit or avoid those as well if constipation continues try an over-the-counter fiber supplement drink plenty of water when using them

Materials: Water prune juice raw fruits and vegetables fruit compote regular exercise even if light

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