Changes in strength health medication diet or level of impairment can lead to problems with urinary or fecal incontinence embarassment may keep a Care recipient (cr) from bringing the subject up to a caregiver who may become aware that some kind of problem exists when the cr has trouble leaving home for more than short trips or when clothes laundry or furniture show stains or begin to smell

Try: #introduce the sujbect by stating your feelings about bringing it up for example i feel uncomfortable talking about this and maybe you do too but it it’s important so let let’s try #a cr cr’s behavior may change as a result of incontinence the cr may refuse to leave home begin spending long periods of time in the bathroom look or smell different or be overwhelmed by an increasingly large amount of laundry conversely the cr may be unaware of smells and stains associated with incontinence and may have leaks on car seats furniture or bed linens as a caregiver these issues may affect your willingness to allow the cr into your car or home a frank discussion with the cr may make it possible to use disposable bedliners for your car seat when transporting the cr #introduce the subject in a non-judgmental matter-of-fact way and invite the cr to tell you whether urinary or fecal incontinence is becoming an issue #if you want to make the cr feel more comfortable by telling him or her about your experiences helping someone else with a similar problem make sure you do not name that other person or describe him or her in a way that would allow him or her to be recognized #problem-solve with the cr if possible there are many ways to manage incontinence #the subject is one that you may want to bring up several different ways over a period of time the onset of incontinence is often both embarassing and physically taxing and it may take some time for the cr to become willing to admit there is an ongoing problem

Materials: Compassion matter-of-fact attitude acceptance of the cr cr’s situation willingness to problem-solve

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