Caregiver is concerned about the care recipient recipient’s safety at home

Try: Place red tape around registers to alert the cr that they could be hot to touch remove clutter from the floor area especially stacked magazines and papers cover up any open fireplaces remove any portable space heaters use the poster board and markers to make caution signs or do not touch – hot signs put the signs on toasters toaster ovens stoves and any other household items that may be hot to touch if there are locks on inside doors make sure there is a key is hanging at the top of the door on the outside lock garages and sheds that contain dangerous tools and chemicals lock gates around swimming pools lock up medicines and alcohol remove non-food items from refrigerator such as jars of spices or cans of pet food put the color coded stickers on the water faucet handles with red for hot and blue for cold make sure there is a color contrast between walls and floors this may prevent the cr from running into the wall

Materials: Red tape poster board and markers small red or blue stickers locks or padlocks if needed

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