caregiver (cg) wants to take steps to reduce the care recipient recipient’s cr cr’s risk for falling information as the cr ages and becomes more fragile falls pose a serious risk to health a variety of factors can increase a cr cr’s risk of falling age alone contributes to this risk by interfering with a person person’s eyesight balance and coordination while not every fall can be prevented the following are some common steps to reduce cr risk

Try: Construct a fall-proof environment whether the cr lives in his or her own home or with you there are several things you can do to reduce the risk of falling remove clutter throw rugs and low-lying furniture to prevent tripping instal grab bars in the bathroom and other slippery areas to provide additional stability for the cr double-check medications certain prescription medications can make a cr dizzy and thus increase the chance of falling consult wih a pharmacist and check the medications to see if they could increase the risk of falling encourage exercise exercise particularly weight-bearing exercise can increase the cr cr’s coordination strengthen the bones and may help prevent or reduce the negative effects of fall encourage the cr to get his or her eyes and bones checked on a regular basis remedying vision problems and treating osteoporosis can go a long way to protecting the cr from falling

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