Care recipient (cr) is bed bound and needs help staying nourished and hydrated

Try: Make sure cr is in a comfortable upright position to aid digestion try to keep cr upright for 30 minutes after eating try adapting foods if swallowing is a problem for example choose soft foods that cr can chew and swallow easily make liquids thicker by adding cornstarch unflavored gelatin or food thickeners available at pharmacy and health care supply stores to water juice milk broth and soup learn the heimlich in case of an emergency try to encourage cr to feed him herself sometimes a person needs cues to get started if this is the case for cr begin by putting food on a spoon gently putting his her hand on the spoon and guiding it to cr cr’s mouth try serving finger foods if cr has difficulty using utensils assist cr with feeding if needed try to alternate small bites with fluids you may need to remind cr to chew or swallow make sure all food and fluid is swallowed before continuing on with the next bite try to encourage cr to regularly drink fluids such as water or his her favorite juice if cr has a decreased sense of thirst he she may not realize that he she is thirsty so try to encourage cr to drink liquids or to eat foods with high liquid content such as watermelon peaches pears or sherbet try to monitor cr’s weight this is because weight loss may be a sign of inadequate nutrition another illness or medication side effects

Materials: Cornstarch unflavored gelatin or food thickeners available at pharmacy and health care supply stores

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References: References adapted from www alz org late-stage caregiving by staff writer no date

Keywords: Bed bound feeding late stage hospice hydration fluid intake weight loss

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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