caregiver (cg) can help Care recipient (cr) find opportunities for social interaction and leisure activity through documentation of family family’s medical history and cr cr’s medical care

Try: #engage the cr in talk about past medical care and stories from childhood what family remedies were used was there a family doctor #use a doctor or therapy appointment as an opportunity to dine out many medical facilities have cafeterias that offer healthy meals at affordable prices to their staff and public #encourage the cr to mail or hand-deliver thank-you notes or cards of appreciation about staff members who do an outstanding job #bring a camera to therapy and doctor appointments and see if the medical provider will pose with the cr for a photo label the photos and put them in an album or make a poster out of them for the cr

Materials: Camera postcards poster paper glue markers

Categories: Medical Physical, Social

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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