Care recipient (cr) does not have much of an appetite

Try: If the cr isn’t eating much make sure that what gets eaten provides as much decent nutrition as possible serve snacks and foods chosen to meet the cr cr’s needs for specific nutrients calories etc generally snacks might include cheese and crackers cottage cheese yogurt pudding peanut butter on whole wheat bread a pizza bagel or cereal if swallowing or exhaustion are problems offer milkshakes or nutritional supplements in the cr cr’s favorite flavor you might also try smooth warm and soft foods in small bowls macaroni and cheese mashed potatoes pasta soups or oatmeal these foods are generally easy to eat and swallow but they are also fairly starchy and you may need to be balance them with proteins fresh fruits and vegetables if the cr is overwhelmed by regular meals try offering small snacks every few hours instead of a few big meals ask about the cr cr’s tastes and work them into meals and snacks at meals put the different foods that are part of the meal on small plates and offer them one at a time instead of all at once so the meal as a whole may seem less overwhelming for example one small plate might hold a piece of chicken when the cr has eaten it the plate is taken away and a small plate is brought out with a single serving of carrots on it if the cr eats the carrots that plate is cleared and another small plate is produced with a serving of mashed potatoes on it etc if loss of the ability to taste is a problem enhance the flavor of food with herbs spices garlic lemon ginger or salt-free seasoning mixes conversely if the cr can no longer tolerate a varied or spicy diet keep food simple and bland set the table nicely and make meal time as pleasant as possible engage the cr in conversation create a pleasant aroma in the kitchen to lure the cr to the table if smoking or incense-burning take place in the house keep these activities away from the kitchen and dining room smoke may overpower the nose nose’s ability to fully take in the many subtle and not-so-subtle scents of cooking food

Materials: Snacks small plates

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