Care recipients crs may deny hearing loss and accuse other people of mumbling or speaking softly some crs resist getting or wearing hearing aids

Try: #understand that for many crs the time between hearing loss and getting hearing aids can be about ten years gradual hearing loss is an easy condition to deny #hearing aids come in many varieties and many times crs who get fitted for them don’t get the right match the wrong hearing aid is unlikely to get used #if you or someone you know is losing hearing see an ear nose and throat specialist or go to a clinic that specializes in hearing loss do not go first to a clinic or store that primarily advertises itself as a hearing aid outlet #when speaking with a cr who has lost hearing and is not wearing a hearing aid try the following to clarify communication use a white board or notepad to back up what you say with notes rather than counting on the cr having understood important messages; get the cr’s eye or touch the cr before speaking; speak clearly to the cr but don’t over enunciate as over enunciating will make lip-reading difficult; stand in a well-lit place so the cr can see you as you speak and don’t try to have a complicated talk with the cr in a room with a lot of background noise

Materials: Family members and friends caregivers doctor hearing clinic assessment

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