Care recipient (cr) who is mobile but somewhat isolated has nutritional needs due to difficulty preparing meals

Try: #crs in need of food cooking or financial aid may be eligible for help through programs serving food to seniors begin a search for resources in your area by contacting your state state’s department on aging which will have a list of your local providers of state-funded programs serving the elderly #call local senior resource centers for a list of all community centers serving meals to seniors for a wider list call the nearest help line for places serving meals to the community regardless of age #while some nutrition programs bring meals to people people’s homes others allow people to gather to share lunch or dinner some churches and centers offer free meals while some commercial nutritional programs offer pre-made meals for a weekly or monthly fee #a case manager from a senior service center may be able to help a caregiver or care recipient locate payment and transportation options as needed

Materials: Contact with senior service agencies list of community centers serving meals

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