Care recipient (cr) who is aided with a gait belt to rise from bed still has balance problems that can be improved with thoughtful movement

Try: #while lying back the cr bends both knees with feet flat on the bed and rolls onto left side #the cr brings both knees toward the floor while using the right hand and left elbow to push against the bed moving the trunk to an upright sitting position on the edge of the bed #when seated upright the cr pulls the back of the left leg and foot against the side of the bed while moving the right foot to about six inches away from the bed #the cr then places a wrist by the side of each hip pushing down on the bed and simultaneously coming up to a standing position #having the left leg against the bed while coming to a standing position will reinforce stability while a caregiver assists with a gait belt

Materials: Patience to move more slowly and carefully

Categories: Medical Physical

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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