Care recipient (cr) forgets to take medication during the day due to distractions or memory problems

Try: #keep everything a cr needs to take medications during the day organized and together pills cup directions etc #link the routine of taking medication to routines that are already part of the cr’s day schedule pill-taking around daily activities such as breakfast lunch a regular nap or walk for example if a pill is taken before a meal encourage the cr to come to the table 10 minutes before lunch take the pill and stay until lunch this will closely tie the new routine of pill-taking to the old routine of eating lunch #if the cr has memory problems work with the cr’s doctor to plan a medicine schedule that can be worked as naturally as possibly into the cr’s existing routine #if routines do not exist caregivers can create or work toward regular schedules for meals medication sleep and bathroom visits #if the cr is home alone during the day consider using an alarm clock pillbox with alarm or alarm linked to a phone or small gadget to remind the cr it is time to take meds #consider creating a checklist with the week’s medication schedule laid out make multiple copies keep one copy with the medicines a cr who is physically and cognitively able to can check off each dose as it is taken this will help the cr and caregiver keep track of how well medications are being taken

Materials: Caregiver routine to link medication to alarm clock if necessary

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