Care recipient (cr) recovering from broken hip has fifty percent loss of ability to bear weight on right side when rising to stand from a seated position

Try: This cue walker right leg left leg walker right leg left leg #from a seated position the cr rises to stand and then grasps the walker with both hands keeping most of his or her weight on the ‘good’ leg and on both arms #the cr then picks up the walker and moves it forward about the distance of an arm’s length all four corners of the walker are brought down to the ground at the same time so the walker doesn’t tip or tilt #the right leg is then brought forward without weight being put on it the cr next pushes forcefully on the walkers hand grips to keep pressure off the right leg #the left leg is then brought forward so it is even with the right leg these walking steps are continued if the left leg was broken the directions regarding legs in steps four and five are reversed #if the cr’s balance is good or improves significantly a physical therapist or doctor may suggest use of a wheeled walker which will not need to be lifted as the cr walks try

Materials: #it is common for crs recovering from broken hips to use walkers that don’t have wheels while they are beginning to walk again these walkers require that users pick them up to move them forward between steps if the cr needs a reminder

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