Care recipient (cr) often has tired muscles at the end of the day

Try: Make sure the cr’s computer monitor sits directly in front of him and the screen is eye level this will keep the head in a more neutral position which decreases muscle fatigue cr should place his keyboard at a position level with his forearms when the forearms and hands don’t have to reach for the keyboard they are less likely to get tired get an adjustable chair so cr can sit comfortably without having to reach for the floor with his toes make sure the chair has adjustable height arm rests and good lower back support see if there is any way to adjust the cr’s work environment to put less stress on his lower back hips knees shoulders and neck example does the cr have to lean forward all the time to perform a task try and raise the cr’s work higher so he doesn’t have to bend as much suggest that the cr take frequent mini-stretch breaks to prevent overuse injuries these only have to last 1 to 2 minutes and provide an easy way to prevent a muscle tension headache make sure the cr’s work area has proper lighting having to squint or push the head forward in order to see things increases eye and neck muscle tension

Materials: Adjustable chair

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References: 10 easy ways to relieve muscle tension headaches available at

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