Care recipient (cr) needs relief from a painful knee sprain

Try: Rest knee initially after suffering a knee sprain rest is probably the most important part of treatment try to keep weight off the knee and walk as little as possible ice down knee to help relieve inflammation and pain put ice cubes or crushed ice in a sealable plastic bag wrap the bag in a towel or cloth place the ice pack on knee for 20 minutes four times a day continue treating knee with ice for at least three days compress knee by wrapping it with an elastic bandage wrap the bandage tightly enough to support the knee but not so tight that it cuts off circulation elevate sore knee as much as possible try to keep knee above heart to decrease the blood flow and swelling to the knee lie down on back and place two or three pillows underneath the sprained knee while sleeping apply heat to knee to alleviate stiffness after the first three days though the initial treatment for a sprained knee is ice after a few days cr should switch to a heating pad apply heat for 20 minutes four times per day or as needed for stiffness and pain take ibuprofen motrin advil or nuprin for pain if necessary if knee sprain is severe use crutches to walk to avoid putting weight and pressure on the knee

Materials: Ice cubes or crushed ice zip lock bag towel or cloth elastic bandage 2 or 3 pillows heating pad ibuprofen motrin advil or nuprin crutches

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