Care recipient (cr) needs help strengthening his her shoulder and elbow muscles because he she has trouble performing a reaching motion

Try: Suggest that cr try the following exercise lying on the back grasp one end of an elasticized band in each hand with enough tension to provide light resistance to the exercise but without causing undue strain to start place both hands alongside the unaffected hip keeping the elbows as straight as possible move affected arm upward in a diagonal direction reaching out to the side above the head keeping elbow straight cr’s unaffected arm should remain at his her side throughout the exercise during the exercise stretch the band so that it provides resistance if it is too difficult to keep the elbow straight the exercise can be done with the elbow bent if cr cannot grip with his her hand try tieing a loop at the end to slip cr’s hand partially through the loop leaving the thumb out to catch the loop during upward movement elasticized bands are marketed as theraband they are available in varying strengths color-coded to provide progressive resistance initially a three or four foot length band – perhaps with the ends knotted together to improve grip – is sufficient for the exercise to increase resistance as strength improves the next density of theraband can be purchased or two or more bands of the original density can be used at once theraband can be obtained from a medical supply company similar elastic bands or cords are also available at many sporting goods stores where exercise equipment is sold

Materials: Theraband elasticized band

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References: hope the stroke recovery guide chapter 4 – movement and exerciseby the national stroke associatin 2010 available at www stroke org

Keywords: Shoulder paralysis elbow rehabilitation stroke exercise gross motor coordination weak shoulder muscles reaching exercise therabands elastisized bands

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