Care recipient (cr) misuses walker cr leans upper body awkwardly over the walker or sits on the seat to scoot backwards

Try: Talk to cr to find out if he or she is aware that the walker is not being used as it was intended determine the cause of the misuse was cr was trained in proper techniques does cr experiences any pain while using the proper posture is the distance traveled using the walker is too long does cr get physically tired address the cause of the misuse provide re-training on proper body mechanics and use of the walker make adjustments to the equipment as needed adjust the height spacing of the walker check that the wheels are lubed properly and that tensions is appropriately adjusted encourage cr to take multiple breaks cr should sit on the walker seat take deep breaths to catch breath or sit on chairs benches and other seating that is available break the distance up into shorter goals create a plan to build cr’s endurance work slowly with the cr to add distance and reduce break times along the route encourage cr to use the walker as intended during times of day when he or she can be successful consider using a wheel chair in the mornings when cr is still tired encourage walker usage later in the day if cr is more capable at that time periodically evaluate cr’s use of the walker to determine if it is still the appropriate assistive device to use

Materials: Cr’s walker

Categories: Medical Physical, Needs Some Assistance, Needs Much Assistance

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