Care recipient (cr) isn’t very steady on his her feet and loses his her balance a lot

Try: Suggest that cr try to keep at least one hand free at all times; try using a backpack or fanny pack to hold things rather than carrying them in his her hands make sure cr avoids carrying objects in both hands when walking as this interferes with balance suggest that cr attempt to swing both arms from front to back while walking it will help him her to maintain balance posture and reduce fatigue suggest that cr consciously lift his her feet off of the ground when walking shuffling and dragging of the feet may cause cr to lose his her balance when trying to navigate turns suggest that cr use a u technique of facing forward and making a wide turn rather than pivoting sharply suggest that cr try to stand with his her feet shoulder width apart when his her feet are close together for any length of time he she increases the risk of losing his her balance and falling encourage cr to do one thing at a time cr should avoid trying to walk and accomplish another task such as reading or looking around the decrease in his her automatic reflexes complicates motor function so the less distraction the better encourage cr to avoid wearing rubber or gripping soled shoes they may catch on the floor and cause tripping encourage cr to move slowly when changing positions suggest that cr use deliberate concentrated movements and if needed use a grab bar or walking aid suggest that cr count 15 seconds between each movement for example when rising from a seated position wait 15 seconds after standing to begin walking if cr becomes frozen suggest that cr try to visualize stepping over an imaginary object or place your foot in front of cr’s to step over avoid pulling cr this may throw him her off balance and even prolong the episode if balance is a continuous problem cr may want to consider a walking aid such as a cane walking stick or walker once cr has mastered walking with help he she may be ready to try it on his her own again

Materials: Backpack or fanny pack grab bar walker or cane

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References: Adapted from www webmd com prevent falls and maintain balance with parkinson parkinson’s disease reviewed by jon glass 2010

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