Care recipient (cr) forgets to take a bath or shower

Try: Stick to a consistent bathing routine make it the same time cr has always bathed first thing in the morning right before bed avoid reminding or even mentioning how long it it’s been since the last cleanup instead of arguing proceed with bath preparations skip asking did you shower or would you like to shower now get everything ready and invite cr look your bath is ready i know how you love your evening bath try leading cr to the bath unexpectedly on your way to doing something else or lead the way to the bathroom but without talking about a bath have everything ready so you don’t leave cr alone as he she may give up try not to worry about a full daily bath or shower bathe weekly and top and tail clean face genitals as best you can the other days if you find bathing difficult or concerns about privacy make this a tense time for the two of you consider hiring an aide who can come to do this task two or three times a week if hiring a professional isn’t in the cards maybe there there’s a better family member for the job such a son who’ll bathe a father

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