Care recipient (cr) is starting an exercise rehabilitation program to help him her recover from moderate paralysis

Try: Obtain an exercise book or internet material that has illustrations and step-by-step instructions for an exercise program suitable for cr’s medical condition cr’s doctor may give him her this material too suggest that cr begin with exercises done lying on his her back and then move on to those performed lying on his her unaffected side then sitting and then standing make sure that the surface on which cr lies is firm and provides good support suggest that cr take his her when he she exercises avoid rushing the movements or straining to complete them you may not need to assist cr in the exercises but you should be nearby during the exercise session if cr has difficulty reading or remembering the sequence of movements you can hold the illustration up to where it can be seen or repeat the instructions one by one you can also offer physical assistance and encouragement when needed

Materials: Exercise book specific to cr’s condition

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References: hope the stroke recovery guide chapter 4 – movement and exerciseby the national stroke associatin 2010 available at www stroke org

Keywords: Moderate paralysis exercise rehabilitation gross motor coordination body movement muscle paralysis walking

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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