Care recipient (cr) has trouble using stairs with a walker

Try: Stand near the edge of the stairs turn walker sideways place both legs on one side of the walker on the first step the other two legs of the walker should be securely positioned on the next step n/a of the four legs should be near the edge of a stair the front bar of the walker should be next to the cr sideways sloping from one step to another place one hand on the banister and the other hand on the higher hand grip of the walker push straight down on the handle and banister for balance taking weight off the weak leg step up with the stronger leg first then bring up the weaker leg if cr is going downstairs he should step down with the weaker leg first then bring down the stronger leg to meet it once cr has navigated the stairs he should hold on to the banister while je she gets the walker back in front of him regain balance before walking forward

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References: how to safely use a walker by amber keefe available at

Keywords: Walker stairs balance

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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