Care recipient (cr) needs to be moved transferred from his wheelchair to his her bed and caregiver (cg) is new at this process

Try: Never leave a cr unattended on a bedside commode to protect the cg’s back always use legs to lift the cr, not back muscles move feet during the pivoting process to maintain proper back alignment if the cr has fragile skin remember to use hands and not fingers during transfer learn how to attach and detach wheelchair foot rests prior totransferring the cr if uncertain about the cr cr’s ability to assist with transfers have a second cg stand by to assist consider caring for an extremely weak cr in bed do not attempt to transfer any cr if the cg feels unable to lift the cr’s full weight keep in mind that despite best efforts during any transfer there is a potential for falling and or significant injury to both the cg and the cr

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References: moving from wheelchair to bed by head to toe care llc 2009 available at

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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