Care recipient (cr) has trouble sleeping well at night

Try: Encourage the cr to implement the following recommendations avoid caffeine from coffee tea soft drinks and chocolate late in the day don’t use alcohol as a sleeping aid it might seem to cause sleepiness but it actually will disrupt sleep satisfy hunger before going to bed have a light snack such as crackers cereal yogurt or warm milk avoid big meals or spicy foods just before bedtime large or spicy meals may lead to indigestion or discomfort try to eat a modest-size dinner at least three hours before bedtime minimize liquid intake before sleep limit fluid intake during the one and a half hours of bedtime

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References: Adapted from the internet website www helpguide org sleeping well as you age helpful sleep tips for seniors by lawrence robinson gina kemp and robert segal 2011

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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