Care recipient (cr) has knee problems and needs some exercises that will improve his her knee strength

Try: Suggest that cr try walking around his her neighborhood for a few minutes every morning cr could also try walking around his her home if the weather’s bad walking also serves as warm-up before doing knee exercises suggest that cr try doing lunges instruct cr to stand with feet together straighten back and place hands on hips make a big step forward then bend both knees so the front shin aligns with the ankle the back knee must be near the floor instruct cr to gradually bring him herself back to standing posture by pushing up his her front foot avoid moving throughout the knee exercise repeat the exercise with the other leg suggest that cr try doing exercises to strengthen his her hamstrings instruct cr to sit or lie with knees bent about 10 degrees pull heel into ground then tighten muscles behind thighs hold posture for 7 to 15 seconds then relax repeat the hamstring stretch for 10 times on both knees suggest that cr begin gradually and add repetitions in every exercise set if he she is already making progress suggest that cr try doing exercises to strengthen his hrr quadriceps instruct cr to stand a distance from a wall ask cr to position his her left hand on wall for support then instruct cr to grasp the crown of his her left foot with his her right hand instruct cr to pull his her heel towards him herself instruct cr to hold the posture for about 15 to 20 seconds then repeat the quadriceps stretch with his her other leg encourage cr to perform any knee exercises for 2 to 3 times if he she is just beginning as cr’s thighs become stronger suggest that he she add weights to his her ankles to boost his her resistance suggest that cr wear sturdy and comfortable shoes to help with balance because stability is vital in performing knee exercises remind cr to not hold breath as he she performs muscle tightening exercises remind cr to avoid directly kneeling when he she is gardening or doing household chores suggest that cr use padded kneepads and a low stool when he she is working around the house make sure that cr doesn’t exercise to the point that he she feels pain encourage cr to be dedicated in his her exercise program so his her knees will become much stronger suggest that cr ask assistance from his her family members if he she is just beginning

Materials: Stirdy comfortable shoes padded kneepads low stool

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References: how to do knee exercises for seniors by russell brooks no date available at www howtodothings com

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