Care recipient (cr) has breast cancer and is having burn pain and itchiness from radiation therapy

Try: Try using an ice cold water soaked wash cloths and laying it on all burnt areas this helps draw out the heat radiation burns for a long period of time after treatments stop so continue until there is no discomfort at all try using iice packs day and night even ice in a double zip loc bag will help try using cortizone creme applied as directed withice packs over that too try alternating cortisone cream and antibiotic creme try using kitchen corn starch like bath powder once the burns are closed and ice packs over this as well avoid bathing in soapy hot water bathe in tempid water avoid scrubbing the area just rinse over it with a slightly soapy cloth and rinse extremely well with clear tempid cool water use a very gentle bath soap only use a little on the radiated area go braless and in cool cotton t-shirts as often as possible cr should try to avoid over heating or exerting him herself try using an over-the-counter pain reliever try to keep affected area s cool no sun on it no warm water any type of warmth will increase pain and itch

Materials: Wash cloth ice cubes ice packs zip lock bags cortizone cream corn starch very mild bath soap

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References: radiation burn pain and itch tips by webmd breast cancer forum member no date available at www forums webmd com

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