Care recipient (cr) doesn’t seem to like the same foods he she use to

Try: Try to understand that cr’s tastes and ability to eat certain foods will vary try to recognize and adjust to food preference changes but at the same time try to make sure cr maintains a balanced diet for example if cr won’t eat much fruit try making him a smoothie in the blender if cr won’t eat vegetables try offering him her a salad with a tasty dressing if cr likes to eat a lot of cakes and pies try making them with a sugar substitute if cr likes to sit and eat chips try buying low-salt version of the same snacks avoid buying a lot of candy or junk food

Materials: Blender or food processor sugar substitute low or reduced sodium salt snacks

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References: basic suggestions to improve care by northwestern university feinberg school of medicine 2002 available at www brain northwestern edu

Keywords: Eating food taste food preferences diet won’t eat refuses to eat snacks snacking junk food

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