Care recipient (cr) doesn’t eat right and has very little energy to do things

Try: Cr should eat fruits high in vitamin c like blackberries strawberries raspberries blackcurrants citrus fruit kiwi fruit peaches mango cantaloupe melon apples cr should eat vegetables high in vitamin a beta-carotene and vitamin c carrots squash sweet potato tomatoes spinach kale collard greens brocolli cabbage brussels sprouts onions leeks avocado cr should eat oily fish that are rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids and high in vitamin e like salmon mackerel sardines herring tuna and trout also cr should eat white fish instead of red meat cr should snack on nuts and seeds that are rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids and high in vitamin e these include unsalted nuts like walnuts cashews brazil nuts and almonds and seeds like poppy seeds sunflower flax seeds and pumpkin seeds cr should eat protein rich foods like eggs white fish milk cheese yogurt lean meat chicken beans lentils cr should eat pulses and grains for fiber good sources of these include lentils chick peas garbanzo beans brown rice whole wheat bread wheatgerm whole wheat cereals whole wheat crackers

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References: diet for elderly people by valentina remig available at

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