Care recipient (cr) at risk of falling frequently rises from wheelchair before caregiver is aware and can assist

Try: #wheelchair cushion alarms or alarms on strings that run between a cr’s clothing and wheelchair are designed to go off when a cr starts to fall or rise from the chair alerting caregivers to movement #purchase a wheelchair cushion alarm at a medical supply store the alarm is placed under the cr’s cushion #optionally a string alarm can be bought it has two pieces one of which fastens to the cr’s clothing and the other to his his or her wheelchair when the cr leans too far forward or starts to rise the two pieces separate triggering an alarm #both kinds of alarms usually come with adjustable volume settings

Materials: Alarm for under wheelchair cushion or back of chair ‘string alarm’ to clip onto cr’s clothing

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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