Back pain is increasingly common in older care recipients cr back pain takes various forms from a persistent dull ache to sudden sharp pain and has many causes the following are common tips to avoid back pain

Try: Get more exercise if your back is hurting you may think the best way to get relief is to limit exercise and to rest a day or two of rest may help but more than that may actually increase pain if possible the cr should do some basic exercise such as walking and stretching watch your weight extra pounds especially in your midsection can make back pain worse by shifting the center of gravity and putting strain on the lower back try to stay near a normal body weight stop smoking because nicotine restricts the flow of nutrient-containing blood to spinal discs smokers are especially vulnerable to back pain find a good sleeping position if you’re prone to back pain make sure you are in the best sleeping position sleeping on the side with your knees pulled up slightly toward your chest is sometimes suggested or put one pillow under your knees and another under your lower back also make sure the cr’s mattress is good for their back pay attention to posture the best chair for preventing back pain is one with a straight back or low-back support keep your knees a bit higher than your hips while seated if you are sitting for a long time stand up and walk around to stretch the back

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