As a caregiver selecting and preparing food for the Care recipient (cr) is a big responsibility be sure to include healthy foods especially foods that are heart healthy unhealthy cholesterol levels increase your risk for heart disease so keeping yours low is key to a healthier heart your diet is central to controlling your cholesterol some foods can actually lower your cholesterol while others only make matters worse

Try: Avoid saturated or trans fats foods containing high levels of saturated fats or trans fats can boost cholesterol levels in your body much more significantly than other foods saturated fat and trans fat both increase the levels of bad cholesterol and can even lower levels of good cholesterol choose foods wisely pick foods rich in unsaturated fats fiber and protein fruits vegetables fish beans nuts and seeds are all great cholesterol foods examples of foods known for lowering cholesterol are oatmeal fish and nuts closely read labels don’t let the label fool you just because the package says that food is low in cholesterol doesn’t mean it is those foods might even contain cholesterol that’s heart-risky use fish as a simple staple by adding fish like salmon or herring to your diet twice a week you can significantly lower your cholesterol and thus your risk for heart attack

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