Alzheimer alzheimer’s disease is defined as a form of dementia characterized by the loss of several important mental functions caring for an alzheimer’s Care recipient (cr) can be extremely difficult finding in house help can assist the care giver and also help the cr

Try: First you need to evaluate the needs of the family caregiver and the cr it is important to identify job details when interviewing potential candidates you should be upfront and clear from the onset look for appropriate qualifications for caregiver help some qualifications you may want to require are certified health care worker and experience in handling patients with alzheimer’s disease consider looking for referrals at churches senior centers assisted living centers and nursing homes also recommendations of relatives and friends can be helpful for finding qualified alzheimer’s help responsibilities need to be clear when interviewing potential candidates important details such as dressing the patient bathing and eating need to be addressed ask about previous experiences with alzheimer’s patients and the potential candidates feelings towards alzheimer’s again be clear about expected duties daily schedule and responsibilities

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