A care recipient with diabetes and neuropathy is particularly vulnerable to infections or sores on the feet

Try: #discuss with the cr the importance of twice-daily foot checks you or the cr must check the cr’s feet morning and night for redness unusual spots open sores bunions bumps or rashes #to perform the exams use a strong flashlight or natural light lamp to illuminate each foot expand the ability to see all parts of the foot particularly the sole with a hand mirror ask the cr to use his or her hands to feel all the surfaces of the feet for bumps rashes or sores you should also do this if you are doing the check checks must be done with the hands and the eyes as neuropathy limits a cr’s ability to feel discomfort or pain which would normally lead a person to discover an injury or to make an adjustment to avoid one #remind the cr not to walk barefoot keep slippers and shoes handy and make sure they fit well use all-cotton socks and socks made for diabetics with all closed shoes to avoid blisters or fungus when putting on socks smooth all the wrinkles out before slipping the foot into the shoe limit time in open shoes as foot injuries may take a long time to heal #if you do not provide daily care to the cr and you believe the cr cannot or will not check his or her own feet daily consider arranging for home aid or another family member to check the cr’s feet thoroughly two or three times a week when a cr has neuropathy and diabetes problems can become very serious very quickly #consult a doctor the minute an open sore develops or when you see a rash infection or change in color or shape of the foot

Materials: diabetic socks shoes and slippers hand mirror strong flashlight or natural light lamp

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