The Care recipient (cr) is visually impaired and needs help making home safe for doing daily routines

Try: Re-arrange furniture to make walking and finding things easier remove clutter and unnecessary items on the floors make a clear path in each room and from room to room paint doorways another color than the walls to make them stand out remove area rugs to prevent slipping or tripping replace heavy carpet with flat carpet and flooring to make walking easier assess whether it is safe for the cr to still climb stairs if so mark the edges of the steps with contrasting paint or tape program the phone for commonly dialed numbers at the touch of a button consider buying an emergency call device or pendant for the cr if he she lives alone install grab bars near the toilet and in the tub and shower and perhaps by the bed

Materials: Contrasting paint bright colored duck tape flat carpet or flooring emergency call device grab bars for toilet and shower tub

Categories: Maintenance, Medical Physical, Personal, Mobile, Needs Some Assistance, Independence, No Supervision, Some Supervision, Vision, So-So Vision, Poor Vision

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References: Adapted from vision blindness – coping tips from elder-one-stop com

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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