Care recipient (cr) has poor vision and needs better lighting in the home

Try: Use stronger light bulbs or 3-way bulbs to provide non-glare lighting put lamps in places where the cr does close work for example put a gooseneck lamp in the cr’s reading-writing area install extra lights in the bedroom closet and other frequently used closets in other rooms put special lighting over all stairways, the places where accidents are most likely to occur make sure the lighting level is consistent throughout the house so shadows and dangerous bright spots are eliminated install rheostats be certain the cr can easily reach light switches from doorways and from the bed use a night light in the bedroom hallway and bathroom

Materials: Strong light bulb or 3-way bulbs extra lamps gooseneck lamp night lights

Categories: Maintenance, Medical Physical, Some Supervision, Maximum Supervision, So-So Vision, Poor Vision

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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