Care recipient (cr) with vision loss has difficulty in the kitchen particularly with weighing and measuring foods

Try: #a liquid level indicator is a small device that is hung on the lip of a cup or container before liquid is poured when the liquid rises to within a certain distance of the lip the indicator makes a noise cuing the cr with low vision to stop pouring #color-coded measuring cups and spoons and sets of black measuring cups make it easier for many crs with low vision to tell the measures apart and to see the ingredients being measured #talking kitchen scales and talking jugs give verbal cues about the amount or weight of food or liquid being handled additional talking appliances are also available including coffee brewers microwaves and timers #large-print cookbooks may be located in libraries and additionally cookbooks for people with low vision are sold through online vendors and other suppliers of and resources for people who are blind or who have low vision #look online or ask a librarian for help locating product catalogs using search words including independent living products blind low vision and vision impairment #if you would like to make a recipe accessible to a cr with low vision type the recipe in a clear style of font 18 points high or larger use dark black or color on a high-contrasting white paper adjust the font size to the cr’s needs

Materials: Liquid level indicator color-coded measuring cups color-coded measuring spoons talking kitchen scale talking measuring jug talking appliances large-print cookbooks

Categories: Maintenance, Independence, No Supervision, Vision, Poor Vision

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