Caregiver sees that care recipient who lives alone cr is becoming a much poorer driver than in the past

Try: #help the cr transition out of driving by making a transportation plan come up with travel alternatives to driving and try them out to prepare the cr for the possibility of life as a non-driver whether for good or just temporarily #be honest with the cr about the safety problems you are seeing and what the consequences of continuing to drive could be be honest about the conditions that would have to be different for the cr to again be considered a safe driver you don’t have to rule out the hope the cr may return to being a safe driver but don’t soften the degree of risk you feel the driver poses to self or others if you are seriously concerned #if necessary share your concerns with the cr’s primary care doctor be very specific about the relevant behaviors symptoms or incidents that pose a danger when the cr is behind a wheel in some cases the doctor may order the cr to stop driving until certain conditions have improved or been corrected #use the phone book internet or library to locate

Materials: Schedules for public buses and trains senior and public transportation resources primary care doctor phone book internet or library

Categories: Maintenance, Mobility, Mobile, Needs Some Assistance, Independence, No Supervision, Some Supervision

Information: About senior and public transportation services and to find contact information for local businesses that may provide home services for example grocery stores that deliver pharmacies that will mail prescriptions etc the cr may be able to find a senior discount for public transportation and cabs a medical van for doctor appointments home aide services for help shopping and getting to appointments and a volunteer driver from a senior center for other errands #start using the local transportation options with the cr before the car is given up see if the cr can limit driving to just one or two days a week and rely on public options on other days try this for a week and then a month information

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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