Care recipient (cr) recovering from hip surgery needs help caring for an indoor cat but wants to be responsible for as much of the care as possible

Try: #divide the cat care chores in the most reasonable way making sure the caregiver and the cr agree on the details and that the cr’s tasks are can be done safely within the limits of after-surgery care guidelines for moving the hip sitting etc #the cr might reasonably be able to do the following sit on the chair at a right angle to the litter box lift the lid off the litter box and put it on the floor scoop litter with the long-handled scooper put the waste into the plastic grocery bag and tie the bag take the lid off the plastic bucket put the plastic grocery bag into the plastic bucket replace the lid of the litter box and replace the lid on the plastic bucket the reacher should be hanging close at hand for the cr to use to prevent the need to bend over the hip #the caregiver could do the following tasks purchase the water and food dispensers and fill them purchase the cat food and kitty litter make scheduled visits to check and refill the dispensers set up bricks or a platform beneath the litter box put the armchair at a right angle to the litter box and make sure there is room for the cr to safely get into the chair use duct tape to tape the litter scooper to the broomstick or pvc pipe to lengthen the handle of the scooper set up the empty plastic bucket for collecting cat litter next to the litter box hang the reacher and grocery bags within reach of the cr empty the bucket of the litter bags and replenish litter in the litter box as needed on visits # change details of the agreement as the cr’s condition or abilities improve

Materials: One water dispenser and one food dispenser sold in many stores’ pet supply sections litter box filled with cat litter litter scoop duct tape scissors bricks or solid platform to raise litter box several inches 33 length of broomstick or pvc piping empty plastic bucket with lid plastic grocery bags for used litter straight-back armchair reacher sold by drug stores and medical equipment suppliers

Categories: Maintenance, Social, Mobility, Needs Some Assistance, Independence, Some Supervision, Cognitive Awareness, Fully Aware

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