Care recipient (cr) needs to receive nutrients through a feeding tube

Try: caregiver (cg) should begin by washing his hands for 15 seconds with soap and water sit the cr in an upright position using pillows or bed chair positioning if available check that the feeding solution is within the safe use date unclamp the tube and attach appropriate syringe pull back on plunger to see if there is any stomach contents left from the previous feeding this determines whether or not the cr is digesting the feedings if there is more than 50ml remaining stomach contents hold off on feeding and seek further instructions if less than 50ml is left in stomach contents remove the inner plunger of the syringe or the bulb n a bulb syringe and pour the feeding into the barrel of the syringe the feeding will flow from the syringe into the feeding tube this will take about 10-20 minutes depending on the amount of feeding that has been instructed if using a feeding bag pour the feeding into the bag set the rate as instructed hang the bag as directed when the feeding is completed pour water into the syringe or bag to flush the syringe or bag and tube remove the syringe or bag and clamp the tube securely keep the cr in an upright position for at least 30 minutes after the feeding wash the syringe or bag with soap and water rinse with water and dry thoroughly syringes may also be cleaned in a dishwasher

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