Care recipient (cr) is bedbound and needs his dentures removed and cleaned

Try: Wash hands remove the upper palate first by holding the inner and outer surfaces of the denture on both sides of the plate put forefingers over the upper edge of the plate and press until the seal breaks between the denture and the gums pull the plate forward to remove; remove the lower plate by holding the inner and outer surfaces of the denture with the thumb and forefinger turn slightly and pull the denture up and out clean the denture in warm water use a tooth brush and tooth paste to scrub dentures carefully rinse with clean water to replace the dentures wet them with cold water apply even gentle pressure on both sides of the upper palate and work it into place in the cr cr’s mouth carefully insert the lower dentures

Materials: Tooth brush tooth paste

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References: washing an elderly person 2008 available at

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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