Care recipient (cr) has low vision and is always bumping into the furniture

Try: Get rid of low furniture that is easy to trip over such as coffee tables and footstools move furniture against walls to create a large area of uncluttered space in the center of the room discuss moving any furniture with the cr first the cr may rely on specific location of furniture to find their way around a room choose a fabric for the sofa that contrasts with the floor material or use a bright colored piping along the edges of the seat cushion reduce glare on polished furniture by covering it with a large doily or tablecloth

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Categories: Maintenance, Medical Physical, So-So Vision, Poor Vision

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References: Adapted from the internet website www environmentalgeriatrics com household tips for people with low vision by rosemary bakker cornell university

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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