Care recipient (cr) gets frustrated preparing meals changes in stamina strength and attentiveness make it hard for the cr to get groceries and to regularly perform tasks related to cooking such as planning meals lifting or mixing ingredients and using appliances safely

Try: #plan meals and shop for groceries a week in advance so the kitchen is always stocked with what the cr needs to prepare meals #organize the kitchen so the cr can easily reach the most commonly used tools and foods #work with the cr once or twice a week to prepare some major dishes that will carry the cr through the week casseroles cooked meats or any foods requiring time energy or effort the cr would have trouble supplying before you and the cr start cooking review your recipes and plan your activity so that all the dishes will finish cooking and cooling around the same time #let the cr take the lead cooking the meals while you assist only as needed in general you want to encourage the cr to stay active and independent in as many ways as possible which means allowing the cr to engage in as many activities as he or he can safely manage #if the cr has trouble with one task look for an easier way for the task to be done or switch tasks with the cr so he or she can do something less difficult #if necessary use silliness to motivate the cr for example put on aprons and chef hats and pretend you are on a tv cooking show #divide the cooked dishes into portions the cr can easily lift and put them in airtight containers label each container with a description of the contents and the date they were cooked if you think it is necessary write simple reheating instructions on each label as well

Materials: Well-stocked kitchen with refrigerator stove microwave crock pot pots and pans cooking utensils baking dishes hot pot holders measuring cups and spices airtight containers large self-adhesive labels black felt tip pen

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